Delish Cakery x Rosy Posy Florist

Delish Cakery is a well known bakery who is specialised in bolu jadul and simple birthday cake. We are already a customer since a long time ago and it's been our family's favorite ever since. They use high quality products with no preservative so it's safe for everyone to consume. Visit their Instagram to see their other creations


How to order

FOR THE FLOWERS (arrangement will not be identical)

1. Only 1 size

2. Choose between DRIED / FRESH flower arrangement

2. Choose the theme of the flowers (PASTEL / VIBRANT / PINK / BLUE / ETC.)

3. Let us know the BIG NO-NO (No pink / No White / No Black / ETC)



1. Only 1 size

2.Choose the flavours

-  Vanilla strawberry
- Vanilla choco
- Vanilla cheese 
- Pandan cheese 
- Coffee choco

*Cake plastic knife & 2 birthday candles are included.

**Custom message will be written on top of the cake.

Cake Bloom Box - Fresh

Plain IDR 550,000
Color IDR 600,000

Cake Bloom Box - Dried

Plain IDR 700,000
Color IDR 750,000