Chinese New Year 2021


兰花 (Lánhuā) Box

IDR 750,000

Lan Hua or Orchid portraying elegance and timeless beauty. Bright and radiant colors bring lucky vibes to the home owners. Perfect for CNY gift to your business partners, grand parents, parents or in laws, it's guaranteed that they will feel your sincere gratitude and blessing to welcome another year.

爱(ài) Box - Love

IDR 550,000

"Love" is fundamental feeling that comes before happiness.

This product may look simpler but you will find it interesting as there are unexpected things appear after you unbox the gift.

It's like surprise after surprise...

欢喜 (huānxǐ) Box - Happiness

IDR 675,000

"Happiness" comes in so many ways.

This year we pair it with oranges and cookies, it's basically an all in one package.

希望(xīwàng) Hampers - Hope

IDR 350,000

"Hope" is the only word that can keep us together after this hard year.

Contains of:

- 1 Micro bouquet / 1 La La Card

- 1 Wax sachet peony scented

- 6 fortune cookies

To order please contact our admin.

WA Jakarta: 0812 9921 8885 

WA Tangerang: 0812 1948 4343

Line: @rosyposy