Rosy Posy Mother's Day Story


Samantha Wijaya

When it comes down to it, modern moms are just like any other mother : they love their kids, they balance a lot of different jobs, and they just want their offspring to call more often.

As Mother's Day just a few days away, we look for a working modern mom who has inspired many of us.

In celebration of this special holiday, we bring you Samantha Wijaya, a mother of two and a woman behind the beauty brand Rose All Day.

"Riley, she was a perfect baby. I had to do nothing just because she slept well, ate well, behave very well . That's why I got bored and I learned make up from Youtube"

On the right frame: Belle Bouquet for IDR 400,000

"The girls are very good travelers, they behave very good and they even help me packing!"

Above the Alaia Box for IDR 1,750,000

Options for Jo Malone perfume: Wood Sage & Sea Salt, French Lime Blossom, Blackberry & Bay, Star Magnolia (limited edition add 150k)

Belle, the eldest, had a major meltdown in the middle of the photoshoot. But instead of calming her down, Sam let her finish and asked me to continue the shoot. So after she took her time and looked at her sister having fun, she got back and actually asked to have her picture taken!

We honestly adore how Samantha speaks and acts in front of the girls. Like every time I asked her if it's okay for Riley or Belle to hold the bouquet she always said "Yes, no problem, she can". That way she taught her kids to be strong and determined, I mean look at Riley's face as she was trying so hard to hold the bouquet.

Sally Box for IDR 695,000

"How does it feel to be a working mom?"

"It was a challenge, because I am not only raising 2 but 3 babies!"

Samantha is holding our Samantha bouquet

Price for IDR 750,000

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