Basic Flower Arrangement Workshop with Avec Moi Restaurant

This workshop was held on October 13th, 2018 and collaborating with Avec Moi Restaurant. Its our first time collaborating with Avec Moi and honestly, this event is the best one out of others. Why? Because all of us (the teacher, assistant, and even the students) got the chance to eat their main course as well. Yay to food of course!

So, in this workshop, we do what we usually do. First thing first we prepared the tools and after that we teach them while doing a demo in front of them. We let them know the basic about floristry first because that’s the theme for this workshop, “Basic Flower Arrangement Workshop”. After teaching them and give them demo on how to arrange the flowers and how to do the wrapping, we let them do their own and help them when they needed us.

Its really amusing, how we can see their enthusiasm, seriousness, and their not-giving-up faces when they do the arrangement. They were having fun with their own thing that it makes us happy as well.

Thank you Avec Moi for having us and it was nice meeting all of you there!