Shella & Andrie Wedding

Venue: K22 Bar, Fairmont Hotel, Senayan.

We must say, thus far, this was our most favourite wedding project we did. When Sylvie, the bride's best friend, came to us with her mood board we were very excited yet nervous at the same time. To see so many bright colours is not really what we usually do. As you know, Rosy Posy is known for our pastel and soft colour palette. Feeling challenged to get out from our comfort zone, we then decided to go for it. Oh and little did we know, her best friend is the designer of Tanzilia Bride. There, challenge accepted!

The request was rather specific. She had the mood board ready (perfect) and we started to work from there. Also she asked for unique looking flowers and there was when our imagination went wild. We ordered for so many types of flowers and tred our best to avoid rose, however when we saw that solid bright pink rose, we just couldn't say no.

What we love about this project is, all those primary colour weirdly complemented each other and created a beautiful piece. The blue fabric brought everything into one and topped the look. It gave us all the bohemian feels. Also, look at that Ammi Majus/Queen Anne's Lace, they are our new favourite you will see a lot of it in our future projects.

This one was the show stealer. We ordered this coral Peony weeks ago and when it came to our studio, it wasn't ready and some of them are still buds. Imagine how we felt and how our client would feel if they see them, but luckily, they came just in time. The moment we started, it bloomed very widely it was actually quiet scary since the Peony became very huge!

Thank you Sylvie for trusting us, and also the bride and groom Shella and Andrie. We are very happy we took our chance on this project.