Tropical Booth Design for Cocowell

In this event we got to do a photobooth decoration for Cocowell on Brightspot, the biggest weekend market in Jakarta. Our client, Cocowell, is a shop that sells fresh coconut water and we are very honored to be a part of their precious moments. They requested a photobooth with tropical modern kind of theme because they want to give a fresh feeling to the booth resembling the freshness of their product. You have to try their coconut blend drinks though, because we love it sooooo much!

Here is the details of our tropical modern photobooth work! For this occassion we combined greens and some dried flowers as well. We chose pink wall for the background to give extra color to the space. Not only giving a fresh feelings, but the wall also give a cuter look to this booth, don’t you think so too? ;)

And that’s it for our event last month with Cocowell and Brightspot. We will be back for more information about floristry and about our events in our blog, so don’t forget to stay tune! Thank you!