Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is just right around the corner, so we're calling all the Romeos to place your order soon.

This year we are going for jewel color such as amethyst, topaz, rose quartz and ruby. Hope you like it!

IMG_4752 (2).JPG

Amethyst stone is a powerful stone. It is protective and brings inspiration to the owner.

Whoever get our Amethyst series should know that she doesn't have to worry
as long as you are around  she will always be loved.

Amethyst Series

Medium Amethyst

IDR 475.000

Large Amethyst

IDR 800.000

Topaz Series

Topaz is known for "lover of gold" for that reason our Topaz series is a perfect gift

for the most valuable person in your life.  

IMG_4770 (2).JPG

Medium Topaz

IDR 475.000

IMG_4756 (2).JPG

Large Topaz

IDR 800.000

Sapphire Series

Sapphire symbolizes new love and commitment, so to all the new couples or newlyweds out there, your partner deserves our Sapphire series for sure.

IMG_4759 (2).JPG

Medium Sapphire

IDR 475.000

IMG_4772 (2).JPG

Large Sapphire

IDR 800.000

Rose Quartz Series

Rose quartz stone means unconditional love.

It is a symbol of beauty and also calming.
Not only that, some says this stone has a magic power to heal relationship.  

IMG_4771 (2).JPG

Medium Rose Quartz

IDR 475.000

IMG_4758 (3).JPG

Large Rose Quartz

IDR 800.000

Ruby Series

Ruby is a stone for good fortune so with this our ruby series
you are telling your loved one that "you are my lucky charm"

IMG_4773 (2).JPG

Medium Ruby

IDR 475.000

IMG_4761 (2).JPG

Large Ruby

IDR 800.000

To order please contact our admin

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WA Surabaya : 0813 9003 0093