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Sababay x Rosy Posy Florist

Sababay was started from a dream of empowering farmers and evolving Indonesia's agriculture potentials. The name ‘Sababay’ itself, originates from the winery’s location along the beautiful ‘Saba’ bay (Teluk Saba) in Gianyar, Bali. Wine gifting has become a trend in Indonesia, wether it's for housewarming, birthday, anniversary, wine and flowers are always a good idea !

2 cover brielle-02.png

How to order

FOR THE FLOWERS (arrangement will not be identical)

1. Choose the type (Flowery Bottle / Sababay Bouquet / Alice Basket)  

2. Choose between DRIED / FRESH flower arrangement

2. Choose the theme of the flowers (PASTEL / VIBRANT / PINK / BLUE / ETC.) 

3. Let us know the BIG NO-NO (No pink / No White / No Black / ETC)



1. Choose the flavours using the guide below.

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